Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sejarah Event

XCountry Pahlawan 2016

The idea of this event was hatched by both Kapt Ahmad Shakir bin Yahaya and Kapt Mohd Abdul Wahab bin Abdul Said with the help of NDUM stad\ff and students who are diligently working day and night with guidance from this two Malaysian Armed Forces Officers in order to complete this FIRST event of such organized by NDUM itself, which differs from past Malakof Duathlon that focuses more on running and cycling on road terrain. This year, 2016 will be a historical moment for NDUM and also extreme sports enthusiast to join this charity based trail run across some challenging track here in NDUM. So come on! Join in! Have a blast!

"Optimum Sumbangan untuk Kebaikan Bersama"

This event was organized by

Batalion Jebat

With the help of

Kelab Sukan Lasak ALK

Sedikit sebanyak mengenai KSL.. 

Endurance Sports Club (ESC) or Kelab Sukan Lasak (KSL) NDUM was established in 2006 by Lt Cdr Arman, who pioneered triathlon sports and represented ATMA in the Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii. Major(R) Kalam bin Pie (RMAF) was the first advisory officers appointed to ESC

KSL members are mostly Cadet Officers, ROTU students and even Staff of NDUM. This organization can be considered as publicly active in sports like triathlon, duathlon, marathon, and eco-challenge. So far, KSL has produced many NDUM officers that are well-equipped and fit for these extreme sports representing their military services respectively.

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